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A beginning

I have been meaning to get this up and running, and work on some of my projects. But procrastination is a thing.

You have to start eventually though or give up, and I am not ready to give up on my dreams yet. So here we go.

I have a back log of drawings from over a decade ago, and I have started doing some more drawing recently. The big wait, I have permanent nerve and tendon damage in my hands and for quite a while I could not draw, but then the Ipad Pro came along with it’s excellent pencil and Procreate app. Finally I can draw again. So I hope to add to the catalog and build up the drawing’s and offerings on the site.

I have stories and poem, from the before times and from the more recent times. The more recent stories originated in spoken performance, and I will need to get them down on paper. These too will be added in over time.

As for tech, well it is what I do for a living. I also help with a few web pages, run my own server, and enjoy playing some video games. I will post stuff ranging from reviews and thoughts about hardware and software to my opinion of games. This area could be quite wide ranging.

And finally Roleplaying Games. I have a project I have been working on since the 1990’s called NUDROS ( NUmbered Diceless ROleplaying System) in which you can play anything you want in any setting you want and resolve conflict based on a numbered cause and effect system. You as a player have to decide at each challenge how much you are going to put into each test and then accept the the consequences of your choices ( both immediately and in the longer term ). NUDROS has gone through many many versions over the years, I have playtested with friends, and taken it to conventions. But I have not worked on it in nearly a decade and feel now is a good time to bring it back and finally work to finish it off. I also run a 5th ed DND game on roll20 and follow a lot of other pen and paper games….a lot, like a whole wall full.

So that is my first post and statement of goals. Time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jaimcos Vessecky